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Individual Support for Career Success

Curious, driven, passionate, and... under water?

As you navigate your research career, you might be finding yourself taking on new roles for which you’ve had little to no training.

Or, you have powered your way through, adding new skills as you go, only to find yourself swamped with ever-increasing responsibility and a jam-packed calendar that somehow never lets you get anything done.

No matter whether you're dealing with skills gaps or the pressures of multiple competing demands, you might be wondering how you can possibly do it all...

  • write and submit applications for grant funding...
  • show your productivity through papers and talks...
  • manage your staff...
  • mentor the next generation...
  • and provide service to your org and professional community.
  • And let's not forget—you somehow still need to be moving your research forward.

There's no question that career challenges are increasing for STEM researchers.

For example, among academic investigators seeking NIH funding for their research, the age at first NIH R01 award has increased in the last decades, as has the time from faculty appointment to first R01.

There are also imbalances in gender and racial/ethnic distributions for who gets research dollars and the amounts awarded, and who advances to more senior roles.

Together, these forces can lead to investigator burnout...

and/or researchers leaving their positions.

But, there is good news -- you don't have to do it alone.

It's time to leave behind the sink or swim mentality.

Why should anyone have to figure out all the pieces on their own, when the pathways have already been forged?

We approach our consulting as a partnership that works to identify the individual’s needs for skills, resources, and other forms of support, and develop strategies to fill those needs.

For some, this may mean a heavy focus on writing skills and habits;

for others, it may be more about time and resource management,

attaining required professional milestones, or

having a thought partner to help them identify the next steps or craft a vision.

Many individuals have a mix of needs, and those needs evolve as their careers progress.

Sometimes it's simply a matter of knowing that you're not alone in the journey.

We can be there with you every step of the way, helping you acquire the skills you need while providing the support and guidance that empowers you on your way forward.

Our mission at CareerVolt is to equip research professionals with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to attain career milestones and advance impactful research.

You want to thrive while doing what you love; we want to help get you there.

How does it work?

Our one-on-one, customized programs for professional development are tailored, and the tools we use to address the needs and challenges of each person can vary but may include

  • Grant-writing training, grantsmanship strategies, and tailored and structured guidance on application development;
  • Strategies for obtaining grant funding and managing funded grants;
  • Publications: manuscript-writing skills, processes, and habits;
  • Time management strategies and systems;
  • Project management strategies and systems:
  • Personnel management approaches; and
  • Identification and implementation of other forms of mentoring
  • Achieving work-life integration and feeling energized in your work.

By tailoring programs to individual needs, we have been successful in helping researchers achieve critical career milestones, for example attaining R01 or equivalent funding on their first submission or achieving promotion and tenure, while improving their overall productivity and becoming more empowered in and engaged with managing all of the responsibilities of their positions.

We currently offer three main support packages:

Energize Consulting Package

For those who seek consulting/coaching to get new energy behind their career efforts, this support package encompasses:

  • one 90-minute kickoff phone call
  • 2 or 4 60-min phone calls each month for 6 months

Our kickoff call allows us to work together to identify where you are and where you want to go. We will strategize a plan for the coaching engagement to help you work on the goals or priorities that you set, to overcome challenges or obstacles, and to achieve your desired outcomes.

High-voltage Consulting Package

To take your career to the next level, this package goes beyond calls to provide additional support to supercharge your outcomes:

  • one 90-minute kickoff phone call
  • 2 45-min phone calls each month for 6 months
  • 4 hours/month of other support
  • our Roadmap to Success handbook (see below)

This program complements the strategy and guidance delivered live during calls, with additional resources: asynchronous support that accommodates document review, and our Roadmap to Success handbook. Through document review, we provide specific, tailored guidance to help you prepare strong grant applications, manuscripts, presentations, promotion portfolios, and more.

High-voltage PLUS Package

Our highest-access support package encompasses everything that is in the High-Voltage package, but with additional monthly calls:

  • one 90-min strategy session/kickoff call
  • 4 45-min phone calls each month for 6 months
  • 4 hours/month of other support, such as email and feedback/review time
  • our Roadmap to Success handbook (see below)

This level of support provides consistent time where you commit to your success and ensure you develop new skills and habits and establish and maintain momentum. Starting with this level of support often enables clients to "hit the ground running" in their professional advancement. As in the mid-level package, document review will provide you with tailored guidance on your grant applications, manuscripts, presentations, promotion portfolios, and more.

Custom programs are available; please inquire if you'd like a tailored solution.

Other Ways We Help Researchers Like You:

The Roadmap to Success is a step-by-step handbook that outlines the path and solutions to common obstacles that junior faculty encounter. This includes written content, exercises, accompanying audio files, and additional resources for a comprehensive yet accessible guide to navigating this new role. The Roadmap® is provided at each service tier for junior faculty mentees.

Upcoming Workshops (Summer 2024; open to participants from any research organization):

  • 4-month Grant Development Group Coaching Program (Jun-Sept): This program provides structured training, support, and accountability to help applicants prepare a strong application for a fall 2024 grant submission deadline. Spaces are limited, so please contact us immediately to inquire about participation.
  • Skills trainings hosted by Columbia University's SHARP program:

               NIH Grant Writing Bootcamp, July 8-9

               Creating Compelling Research Narrative, July 11

               PI's Business of Research, July 15-16

               K Awards: A Path to Success, August 19

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