Unlock Maximum Productivity:
Master Your Time and Energy
Conquer Overwhelm and Prevent Burnout

This free, 2-day training will help STEM PIs and research professionals who want to effectively and efficiently harness their time and energy so that they can supercharge their careers and their research programs WITHOUT running from ‘fire to fire’ and working 24/7

June 10 and 11, 2024
10am to 12pm EDT
What Will You Learn?

What you can expect to learn in 2 days:

  • Time and Energy Transformation: How to find hours in your week to accomplish your goals rather than only putting out the most urgent ‘fires’
  • Maximize your most limited resource: How to leverage your time so that you can do what you love, at work and at home
  • Delegating your way to freedom: How to harness people and support systems so that you are not always doing All The Things all by yourself
  • Overcome ‘decision fatigue’: The key strategies to reduce the mental burden of constant decision-making, so that you have more space to think about the things that energize you
  • Implement the strategies that make “no” your superpower: How to stop saying “yes” when you mean to say “no” so that you can spend more time on the things you love

Plus, we’ll even show you how to leverage your calendar to never miss your most important “appointment” each week—with yourself!

What you’ll do in this workshop…

DAY #1: Prioritizing Your Priorities

  • How to take back control of your calendar to focus your efforts where you want them
  • How to harness your best energy so you work more efficiently and effectively
  • How to implement supports to lessen your burdens

DAY #2: You Are the Architect of Your Day

  • How to deftly handle decisions so you feel confident instead of zapped
  • How to deploy boundaries around your protected time and effort to craft the productive work day you desire
June 10 and 11, 2024
10am to 12pm EDT
What Makes Our Event Different?

We deliver concrete and practical time and energy management strategies that will empower you to take back control of your time at work and focus your efforts on the parts that energize you and move your priorities forward.

We create an environment where you can LEARN and SUCCEED with other research professionals sharing similar challenges.

We give you POWERFUL tools and templates that you can reference again and again. We use these tools and templates with investigators at top research institutions, including Harvard, Columbia, Johns Hopkins, the NIH, and many others.

At our event, we focus on practices and insights that will bring you REAL RESULTS!

Your Hosts

Jessica Lerch and Sheila Cherry are researchers/scientists, entrepreneurs, consultants, and writers who know the pleasures and perils of trying to balance professional ambition with personal fulfillment. These co-founders of CareerVolt both hold PhDs and have worked extensively with academic and professional researchers who seek to implement and maintain robust, funded, and impactful research programs. Both Jessica (above left) and Sheila earned their PhDs from Case Western Reserve University in the mid 2000s and went on to postdoctoral training. Jessica then became a university professor in a top-tier research institution, while Sheila started her first company to provide editing and writing support to other researchers.

With these transitions, they both experienced the challenges of needing to perform many diverse roles for which their research training left them little preparation, along with a sense of isolation and overwhelm that sometimes made it difficult to unearth their enthusiasm for the work they had loved. They also recognized that many of their colleagues and clients were experiencing the same challenges, in their early careers—and even as they began to attain their career goals.

In 2019, they joined forces to launch CareerVolt to help busy academics and research professionals gain skills and implement strategies that would allow them to accelerate their careers and research programs—by acquiring funding; publishing their work; and managing their time, personnel, and resources—without feeling isolated and overwhelmed. Through CareerVolt, Jessica and Sheila continue to share knowledge, skills, and strategies that have worked for themselves as well as their many clients around the world. Clients include investigators at all career stages and from a variety of research institutions across the U.S. and beyond, including Harvard, Columbia, Johns Hopkins, the University of California, the University of Southern California, Emory University, and many others.

Testimonials/What Others Are Saying
""I was concerned about the 4-hour time commitment, but an exercise in the first session inspired me to take actions that saved me multiples of the time commitment that very week. Time invested paid off with dividends!"

– Dr. Nathaniel Vacanti, Assistant Professor, Cornell

"I liked how applicable this was for helping me prioritize my activities. I can't wait to learn more."

– Assistant Professor, US Medical School

"Fantastic program. Professional and knowledgeable mentor with a heart of gold."

– Assistant Professor, US Medical School

"This went way beyond the usual university time management seminar."

- Research Faculty