The Roadmap to Success




Discover the keys to success in your new research faculty position

Learn and implement strategies for funding, productivity, and growth as you advance an impactful and rewarding research program

An academic research career can be one of great reward and excitement: getting to pursue your intellectual interests while also learning and growing within a vast professional community. Yet, academic careers are not without their hurdles.

The transition can be particularly fraught for new faculty members coming out of research training into their first faculty positions. While exciting, this time can also feel isolating and overwhelming with constant decisions, mounting pressures, and high expectations.

If you are (or are about to be) a new faculty member, like many faculty members we’ve worked with you might feel that you have started a journey with a few destinations in mind but no map on how to reach them. You also likely have a strong skillset in research but perhaps feel less confident about all of the other roles you now play (supervisor, administrator, writer, bookkeeper, teacher, committee member, etc.).

Realizing that many of our clients face the same challenges, we created the Roadmap to Success to help new research faculty like you to implement the strategies, skills, and resources to successfully navigate this journey with less frustration and greater support.

When you dive into the Roadmap, you’ll learn:

  • How to define and implement short- and long-term strategies to get your research program up, running, and productive
  • The critical non-research skills to effectively and efficiently manage your research program and team
  • How to keep making progress toward promotion and tenure so that you can advance confidently to your next career stage
  • Answers to key questions about seeking research funding and publishing your work
  • How to stay on top of your priorities and avoid drowning in tasks that don’t move your priorities forward
  • And lots more!

Complementing each of the informative chapters are some additional resources, from bonus audio content to hands-on activities, templates, and checklists to help you get your footing and make rapid, exciting progress in your new role.