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Welcome to CareerVolt:
Elevating Your Research Excellence

At CareerVolt, we understand the unique challenges and aspirations of organizations at the forefront of scientific research and development – universities, hospitals, and public and private STEM research ventures.

Your organizational impact results from multiple domains, including increased research funding, impactful publications, retention of top-tier talent, and promoting a diverse research workforce.

CareerVolt partners with organizations to achieve meaningful outcomes that advance your missions. Our proven methods focus on supporting researchers at all career levels, particularly during the critical early years of independence. We also recognize the that researchers are juggling multiple demands and responsibilities, and we tailor our programs to help them successfully navigate the challenges of their roles.

Our Commitment to Your Success:

Comprehensive Training and Consulting

We understand that the success of research programs depends on securing sufficient funding, building strong teams, and fostering effective leadership. Unlock the full potential of your research teams with our tailored group and individual training programs. CareerVolt's expert consultants work directly with your leadership team to promote and elevate research at your organization. We develop customized programs for your faculty and researchers at all levels to facilitate their ability to design and execute winning strategies to secure grants, enhance productivity, publish and disseminate, and ensure successful project completion.

"Do With" Philosophy

There is a fundamental difference between "handing someone a fish" and "teaching them to catch their own fish". That's why CareerVolt operates from a philosophy of "do with" rather than "do for". By empowering research professionals with skills and confidence, they will be equipped to conquer current challenges and anticipate and navigate challenges of the future. This practice allows individuals to thrive and to impart the same skills to those they supervise or mentor.

Tailored Support for Group and Individual Growth

Workshops and Trainings

Our workshops and trainings, offered virtually (live or asynchronous) and in-person, cover a spectrum of topics crucial for research success:

  • Grant writing strategies for specific funders or programs
  • Technical manuscript writing skills
  • Research portfolio development
  • Time management techniques
  • Running a productive research program

In its short operational history, CareerVolt has reached over 1000 investigators in live trainings and several hundred more through short-format asynchronous sessions. We customize trainings to align with the unique needs of your organization, audience, and goals.

Consulting and Coaching

Group: Our multi-week/multi-month group coaching programs support skills development and implementation in a small-group format. Groups range from 5-12 individuals, and series can focus on topics from grant writing to faculty success. The group model incorporates didactic elements with peer learning and mastermind-style discussions to enhance participants' outcomes, as well as facilitating networking within institutional coaching groups to reinforce concepts learned and support each other's future research and career challenges.

Individual: Our intensive 1-on-1 strategic consulting identifies individual needs for skills, resources, and support, developing tailored strategies to address those needs. Whether it's refining writing skills, optimizing time and resource management, or attaining professional milestones, our consulting team flexibly accommodates diverse needs at every career stage.

Real Results, Real Impact

Our team brings decades of experience in working with STEM professionals to secure hundreds of millions of dollars in grant funding and to achieve high-impact publications, promotions, and tenure.

Contact us to strategize offerings to advance your organization's research excellence.