Receiving a Career Development Award could provide you with key advantages for accelerating your career. But with unique application requirements and a distinctive review process, applying for K grants can be a ‘black box’.

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be! In this two-session workshop, Conquering K Awards: A Path to Success, we are demystifying the K grants program and sharing the keys to success, so you will place your application in the best possible position. This workshop is for you if:

  • You are inexperienced in putting together a K application; or
  • You have some experience with submitting a K application, but are unsure how to be successful; and
  • You are an early-career researcher who is ready to get funded; and
  • You want to understand “what are reviewers looking for?”

This workshop will equip you with the tools for:

  • Identifying the right K type for you and when to apply
  • Tailoring your application to the needs of the reviewers
  • Optimizing the key features of successful K proposals
  • Interpreting reviewer critiques, especially for resubmission
  • Putting together the full package of research and training
  • Evaluating your own application objectively to revise it for maximum impact

Session A will provide didactic instruction through a broad introduction to the types of K grants, when and how to apply, and elements that make for successful applications. This session is appropriate for early-career researchers (postdoctoral and clinical fellows, junior faculty, graduate students) seeking to learn more about Career Development Awards, as well as those who are actively preparing K applications.

Session B is a hands-on session that will build on the material from Session A in a tangible way, enabling practical implementation of the principles for success. This session is appropriate for individuals who are already developing their K application and are ready to put the skills to use in their application preparation.