What kinds of workshops and events do you provide?

CareerVolt provides virtual (live or asynchronous) and in-person training on professional skills essential to advancement in research careers, particularly in the academic sector. Examples of training topics include grant writing, both generally and for specific funders or programs; technical manuscript writing; research portfolio development; time,  personnel, and project management; and running a research program.

We also can host retreats or on-site consulting to support career development within departments or programs.

If you have interest in hosting or attending training events on these or other topics, please get in touch.

What is coaching?

Coaching is a collaborative process that empowers the client to discover and implement tools, strategies, and behaviors that promote their success. CareerVolt approaches coaching as a blend with consulting: we have unique expertise specific to research skills and careers, and we will provide advice and guidance in line with this expertise, where appropriate (i.e., when the client seeks such guidance).

How does coaching work?

Through weekly or bi-weekly meetings, coaching supports the client through transformative skills and experiences that enable career success. Our usual approach centers around empowering individuals and groups to attain their career milestones and follows a general “assess-design-implement” flow, with the skills implementation period comprising the major portion of the coaching engagement. Our philosophy is to DO WITH rather than DO FOR; we want to equip research professionals with the skills and confidence that promote their growth throughout their careers.

Coaching is customized to each individual; your CareerVolt coach will work with you to determine your needs and goals. We have structured processes and tools designed to help you achieve specific goals (Grant Academy, PI Productivity, Catalytic Leadership, etc.), but we also may use a less structured process to support needs as they arise/change.

How can I pay for coaching?

We accept ACH, check, and credit card payments. The source of funding varies by client. We can provide justifications or detailed descriptions for individuals to seek funding approval from their employers and/or their research funding agencies. Some individuals also opt to private foundation support, unrestricted monies from their institution, or their personal funds to access coaching support. We are happy to work with you to identify the best program and/or payment structures to help you succeed.