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Research Career Accelerator Training

This free, 2-day training will help STEM PIs and research professionals who want to effectively and efficiently harness their time and energy so that they can supercharge their careers and their research programs

WITHOUT running from ‘fire to fire’ and working 24/7

June 10 and 11, 2024, 10am-12pm EDT

"I was concerned about the 4-hour time commitment, but an exercise in the first session inspired me to take actions that saved me multiples of the time commitment that very week. Time invested paid off with dividends!"
Dr. Nathaniel Vacanti, Asst. Prof., Cornell
"Overall this was really helpful. I liked how applicable it was for helping me prioritize my activities."
Assistant Professor, US research university
"This went way beyond the usual university time management seminar. Learning from my peers was really valuable also."
Research Assistant Professor, US research university

The Next Step is to Schedule a Brief Confirmation Call

Before giving access to attend the training, we want to do two things.

First, we want to ensure a good alignment of interests and intentions.

While we do offer this invitation to many, we are cautious about giving access to all.

We like our workshops and groups to be engaging and hands-on, and we want to create a welcoming and safe experience for those who participate.

With this in mind, we will chat with you to confirm your availability to attend, and to assess your commitment to helping us provide a positive experience for all participants.

Second, we want to learn about your goals and current problems so we can have you sit in on the session that’s going to be most valuable to you.

Everyone is at different stages of their career journey, and we want to make sure that this experience is going to be truly valuable for you.

During our call, we will ask some brief question to learn about your current situation so we can have you join us on the session that would be best suited for you.

This is also a brief opportunity for you to ask any question you may have about the session.

June 10 and 11, 2024
10am to 12pm EDT
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